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We Are Brim Seafood

The story of Brim Seafood is the story of expertise, innovation and responsible fishing. We are one of the biggest fishing companies in Iceland. But size isn’t our main focus. Our focus has always been our products, the community and the environment. We emphasize corporate social responsibility and respect for the Icelandic marine resources. You can find that sense of responsibility in every corner of Brim Seafood. 


To be able to act responsibly we try to continuously educate ourselves and our fantastic co-workers.  We use the best available technology, vessels and methods to catch the fish in a way that has the least impact on the environment. 

We trace our steps and actions and take responsibilty. 

We enforce all measures that make fishing more responsible – and we never stop trying to better ourselves. That is what defines the success of Brim.


We work in an ethical, modern and responsible way.

We place great importance on taking proper care of the fish stocks. We want this great resource that we all share to thrive in the best possible habitat.

We’re certified by IFS, FEMAS, IFFO and HACCP – that is a testimony to our commitment to produce only the highest quality of fish products.

The wild caught fish and the responsible and traceable fishery is the core of Brim – we are proud to be MSC-certified. 


We are a family friendly workplace and the well being and health of our colleagues is in all our interest.

We empahsize life work balance and try to make the best work environment for our colleagues both on land and sea

We encourage our co-workers to live an Eco-friendly lifestyle by offering them incentives to walk and bike and take public transport.  We throw parties and family gatherings and we offer education opportunities.

The story about Brim is a story about creating a valuable synergy between fish, people and nature. One can not be put above the other – we need to take care of every single part. That’s our story!